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Why Only Top Floor in High Rise?

“The Stars, The Moon, The Horizon, The compiling view, The first drop of Rain little early than other, The Sunrise The Sunset, The clear Blue Sky, The air on the wind………Probably all are the answers or reason Why should I Stay at Top”

क्या हमारी शहरी जिंदगी इस भीड़-भार और कबूतरखानो में रहकर चाँद तारों और आसमान को भूल नहीं गया है? क्या हमारी जिंदगी बारिश की बूंदों का मज़ा लेने क लिए तरस नहीं गया है? क्या हम कभी खुली हवा को महसूस करते है? क्या हमने जो बचपन में नेचर को अनुभव किया है उसपर हमारे बच्चों का अधिकार नहीं है?

क्या इन सारे सवालों के बारे में हम हाई-राइज फ्लैट लेते वक़्त सोचते है, नहीं ना ? अगर हम इन सारी बातों के बारे में सोचे तो हाई-राइज में अपने जीवन के इनकम को लगाते वक़्त टॉप फ्लोर के बारे में जरूर सोचेंगे ।

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Benefits of Top Floor in High Rise

Apartments on higher floors have obvious advantages. The first and, perhaps, the most important advantage is a beautiful view from windows. If you live at higher floors, you absorb less harmful street smells and exhaust gases. The maximum concentration of harmful substances (late Ph 2.5 & Ph 10) in the atmosphere approximately reaches 180 feet.

One of the biggest benefits (and one of the most common reasons) that people choose to Rue on the higher floor is because they just can’t handle hearing every little thing their upstairs neighbour does. On the higher floor, you’ll never have to worry about that. No plumbing sounds, no heavy footsteps, no children playing basketball in their kitchen (at least, that’s what it always sounds like). However, you’ll want to be cautious when renting anything above the first floor if you have children. No one lihes a noisy neighbor.


The beauty of living at the higher floors is that when it comes to the view, it’s difficult to go wrong. You might be treated to a lush green view of trees, a clear view of the city, or an unrestricted view of the shy.

Apartments on the Lower floor have comparatively limited light and ventilation when compared to the upper ones. Not only this, upper floors don’t face mosquito intrusion as well.


It is observed that generally the Lower floor suffer from water seepage and drainage

As you go up a high rise apartment, you can achieve the utmost level of privacy. If you wish to stay away from any hind of interference and celebrate loneliness, then the top.

Ph 2.5 & Ph 10 Level reduce substantially above 180 feet from ground Level.
The secret to a long and healthy life? A Hp-I-rise flat: People who live below the (180 feet from the ground Level) floor are 22% more lihely to die early

  • People living above the 8th floor are 40% less prone to lung disease
  • They are also 35% less prone to severe heart disease
  • They are also exposed to less pollution and noise than those at ground level

Ready to Move Flats with Prime Location Call Now : 8929 - 180 - 409

Benefits of Price on Top Floors in High Rise

As we know across the world the cost of Top Floors are Higher than Lower floors, however the concept of High- Rise is of more than 10 Years. But in our North India Higher Floors are much Cheaper than Lower Floors.

So its a bigger advantage for the Buyers of North India to Buy Flats on Upper Floors, because Nowadays in Delhi NCR the cost of flats in Upper Floors is far cheaper than of Lower Floors.

For Example we are giving Price of One of the Most Demanding Project i.e Saviour Greenarch in Noida Extension.

Greenarch Noida Extension Price Comparison Table

 Price in Lacs
Floor 2BHK (860 sqft)


3BHK (1160 sqft) 3BHK
(1530 sqft)
3BHK + 4T + Servant (1695 sqft)
Top Floor
2881000 3886000 5202000 5763000
15th Floors 2967000 4002000 5431500 6017250
10th Floors 3139000 4234000 5584500 6186750
2nd Floors 3182000 4292000 5661000 6271500

In the above table, You Can see the Price Difference between 2nd Floors and Top Floors that is 3 lacs on 860sqft and same as the other sizes. So before making any decision or doing any investment Please view carefully the price and other advantages of Top Floors.

Ready to Move Flats with Prime Location Call Now : 8929 - 180 - 409

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